Dark Fashion Photography



cat woman




soma snakeoil

Top Hat

Ghost Vampire Dark Fashion Photography

String Puppet Spiderwoman


What is Dark Fashion Photography?

Sometimes gothic and macabre and at other times on the fetish fashion side. David’s dark fashion photography images are a little dark in nature, while still sensual and bordering on fantasy.

Fashion as Art, Art as Fashion

Having studied both art and fashion while in college for a thesis in Market Research, David developed an appreciation for the photos seen in Fashion Magazines as well as the works of Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and Man Ray. These combined influences are what lead him to begin working in the gothic and dark fashion arena but with his own unique approach. David’s dark fashion work has been published as editorial in magazines such as The OC Weekly, been featured in OC Weekly’s annual Artopia Show, and been the subject of various art shows throughout Southern California.

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