Industrial Art

Art from the Mundane

David’s eye for turning even the most mundane objects into a work of art shines through in his industrial art works.

Blue Starburst


Magenta Tube Industrial Art

Purple Rolled Steel

Ice Steel Sheet

Magenta Pipe

Blue Rod

Yellow Grid


Blue Tubes


Creative machine

Succulent Steel

Black Hole

Red Grill

Bronze Tube Ends

Bronze Bar Ends

Yellow Bar Ends

Green Stainless

Pop Afterburner

Pop Pipe

Violet Honeycomb

Metal Collage

Pink Tube Ends

Golden Flame

After Burner

Magenta Burner

Abstract Bitmap Monochromes

Bitmap Corporate Art

bitmap computer chips

bitmap abstract art

bitmap rolled steel

bitmapped welding machine

bitmapped welder

bitmapped monochrome

bitmapped industrial art

steel racks

bitmapped micro ceramics

ceramic technology

technology bitmap image

ceramic machine parts

lit tube bitmap

abstract steel tube

bitmapped tubing art

Why Industrial Art?

David has always enjoyed looking at mundane objects to figure out how he can give them life and make them interesting through photography. He has worked extensively with industrial companies such as Earle M Jorgensen, Reliance, Hannibal Industries and NEXGEN digital. And, in the process has had the opportunity to walk around their processing plants to shoot photos for their promotional materials and technical documents. This afforded him the opportunity to look at their products in unique ways

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