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David was recently hired to do the lifestyle and product photography, branding and web development for MIA ROSA. The project entailed hiring all talent, makeup artists, arranging the shoot, working with the client to establish a story for the brand and presenting that in the imagery as well as development of their website to be optimized for mobile users specifically.

Wine Wednesday

The goal was to develop imagery and a web site that would target the young, up and coming, active woman who likes her “Wine Wednesday” or “Thirsty Thursday” girls night out or weekend by the pool with friends. From the client web site:
“From girl’s night out and after-work cocktails, to poolside on a toasty summer afternoon and breaking bread at family reunions, MIA ROSA is the perfectly chilled complement to any occasion.

An inviting, semi-sweet wine with a touch of bubbly, MIA ROSA is a refreshing alternative to the everyday ordinary. Dancing to a beat all her own, MIA ROSA stands out in a crowd.”


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