The Magic of Sedona.

Fall Leaves

Fall Colors

Golden Grass

Sedona Sunrise

Desert At Sunrise

Sunrise in Sedona Arizona

Red Rock

Thunder Storm

Arizona Storm


Butterfly bush

Desert Wildflower

Arizona Wild Flowers

Arizona Wild Flowers

Sunrise Over Arizona

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Desert Clouds

Arizona Clouds

Snoopy Rock

Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly 2

Pink Wildflowers

Giving Tree

Juniper Heart


Zen and the Art of Arizona

Sedona has a certain energy to it. And the Arizona Desert has a different look to it than California that seems to change instantly at the border. These images capture the energy and might of the unique landscape of this at once forbidding and beautiful state. Whether it be the red rocks, the succulents, the cactus, the junipers, the wildlife or the fall colors, the Arizona desert is definitely a magical place that needs to be experienced.

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