Desert Photos

Photos from the varied, desolate, yet beautiful California desert.

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sand dune

Southwestern Landscapes


dead tree

desert sunset

Dead Bush

dune sunset

Sandy Landscape

Desert Fauna

Sedona Sunrise

Desert At Sunrise

Sunrise in Sedona Arizona

Red Rock

Thunder Storm

Arizona Storm

Photos Showing the Beauty of the Desert

The deserts of the American Southwest are an incredible, varied landscape with a vast array of features. California alone has a remarkable changing landscape, and Arizona is completely different even though it sits right on the border. It’s as if they drew the line for the border because the land defined it for them. Whether it’s the beauty of a wind-carved sand dune in Glamis or the power of the noble Seguaro cactus, or the surreal towering red rocks of Sedona; the desert has always been mystifying to David. These images try to capture that at once forbidding yet beautiful landscape of the desert.

You can view more of David’s Arizona photographs here.

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