Travel Photography

Travel Photography from David’s perspective. Photographs that recreate the beauty, peace and serenity found in nature or the essence of a location or destination.

Indiana_barn Travel Photography


Ponte Inn






downtown_mendocino travel photograph





Mission San Juan Capistrano Pillars

Santa Barabara Mission

Santa Barbara Mission2

Florida Field

san francisco fire escape

Venice Florida

Florida Weather

Majestic Travel Photography

Great travel photography walks a line of making you feel like you are there with the photographer or writer and wishing you were there. Every destination has features and landmarks that define the personality and history of the place. What separates the great from the mundane in this genre of photography is the ability to capture these features and landmarks in a way that evokes emotions that you feel while being there. David excels at this.

The Power of the Location

Whether it be a barn in an Indiana farm field, a quaint town like Mendocino on the Northern California coast, the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona, the barrel room of a Temecula Winery, the crystal seas of The Florida Keys, or the dunes of the California desert, they all have something unique to present and must be captured to show their own individualism.

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