Black Light Photography

One of the ongoing projects David is involved in with fellow artists from Images in Motion and makeup artist Sheryl Straub that involves glow in the dark body painting of models who are then photographed with black light. We have several more photo shoot ideas in the works, as well as a planned exhibit of various works. For more information, or to follow more about this project, check out our project site.

Black Light Photography

Glow In The Dark

Black Light Photos

MArie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Black Light Photography

Body Paint

Painted Legs

Tree Goddess


nature goddess

Painted Model

The Complexities of Black Light Photography

Black light photography is a very complex form of photography. The mildly “radioactive” pigments in the makeup and pigments of the wardrobe react to the ultraviolet light given off by a black light to create a unique color pallet. It takes a makeup artist and stylist with a specific understanding of what colors to use to get a specific look under a black light.

The low-light nature of black lights require both a patient model and steady handed photographer.

Black lighting is expensive to own or rent, and black light makeup is expensive to purchase. And, it requires special printing methods to make the colors look as stunning as they do on a monitor. So black light photography is not inexpensive to produce. But it is a very worthwhile endeavor if you want a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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