Architecture, if designed properly, is its own artistic statement and the statement of the architect themselves and the owner of the building. Capturing the elements of that unique art form in a photograph is also an art.

Korean Friendship Bell

Korean Friendship Bell Building

Korean Monument Los Angeles

Mission Inn Architecture


Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana Art District Architecture

Mission Inn

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Art of Architecture

David’s appreciation for great architecture has been with him since his youth growing up in the North Eastern United States with it’s Old-European style of building. As with all things art-related, he has always appreciated the various ways artists express themselves. It started when he moved to California and he visited his first Mission in Santa Barbara.

Great Architecture can tell you much about a culture and a time period in history. Some Architectural design is specific to a region, others are more broadly popular based on the style of a specific cultural popularity of that generation, such as the style of Frank Lloyd Wright whom David has always admired for his love of incorporating nature into his work.

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