Photography Lessons

David has experience in giving photography lessons to people with all levels of experience. From the beginner looking to learn the basics to the in-house creative team of international corporations. Email David for pricing for your own unique circumstances.




Basic Manual Photography

Have you ever wished you could use your digital single lens reflex camera to its full potential? Have you ever wondered what the secret was to being able to take that perfect portrait of your child, or that amazing artistic shot of a flower with the background blurred; only to pick up a book or the camera manual and be inundated with math, numbers, fstops, shutter speeds, and confusing formulas?

Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think.

In as little as two hours of personal instruction, I can teach you how to improve your photography with simple methods that will make sense to you with a little hands-on practice with your own camera.

I can teach you how to take the same shots the professionals take with their $5,000 – $12,000 camera using your $500 – $1,000 DSLR camera. No matter what make it is.

Email David now to get started (please put “Photography Lessons” in the subject line).

Advanced Flash Photography

Once you’ve got the hang of using your camera to get amazing outdoor photos, we can then move on to more advanced techniques using your camera’s flash or a camera mounted unit. I can teach you how to use fill flash to enhance your subject without losing detail in the background, or how to take better indoor photos.

Email David now to get started (please put “Flash Photography Lessons” in the subject line).

Basic Studio Lighting

If you already know how to take great photos with your camera and its flash, and you’ve always wondered how the professionals are able to take such beautiful photographs in a studio, this is the lesson for you. I can bring my lights to you and teach you how to set up a small studio in your living room or garage in 30 minutes that will give you amazing results taking photos for your family and friends. Again, using the very DSLR camera you own.

Email David now to get started (please put “Studio Lighting Lessons” in the subject line).

Photo Retouching

From the basics of removing blemishes and minor unwanted items from the background to full-blown Hollywood/Glamour retouching, David can teach it to you. Formally trained in color correction and retouching, with almost 20 years experience, he can show you the fastest techniques for turning an average photo into and attention-grabbing image.

Email David now to get started (please put “Retouching Lessons” in the subject line).


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