Ballet Photography at its finest. Ballet and dance are their own unique combination of art and athleticism. It takes specific skills to capture this art form at its finest and showcase the artistic elements of dance properly. David has been doing so for over a decade.


Ballet Dancer

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Jumping Ballerina


Stage Performance


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Interprative Dance

Art of the Ballet

David has spent a number of years working with dance companies to help capture the beauty of dance. Ballet, and any dance for that matter, is an art form combined with finely tuned athleticism. Dance photography should convey this art. Great dance photography captures the perfect moment, the exact time of complete extension and grace to convey the message of the dance itself.

Dance photography takes impeccable timing. David’s background capturing automobile racing has helped him gain great reflex timing. And over a decade around dancers and photographing them at their talent has taught him to intuitively know when to press the shutter button. He can capture your dancers at their best, every time.

David has worked at many theaters in Southern California, so he understands the unique logistics of each theater based on seating arrangements, theater size, lighting, etc. And if he hasn’t worked with the theater you are using, he has likely had experience with one similar.

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