Pole Fitness Photography

Ferios Volaré Cover

David been involved in Pole Fitness Photography since his first Pole Fitness photo shoot in 2006. Arguably, before that was even a category of photography. Since then, Pole fitness has become a widely popular form of fitness world-wide.

Pole Fitness Instructor

Leg Hang

FOr The Love Of Pole

Aerial Lyra



Tara Meyer

Janell Burgess Kate Bera

Volare Cover

Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia Skukhtorova

Anastasia Skukhtorova


Evgeny Greshilov

Evgeny Greshilov

fiery red hoop performer

Marlo Fisken

Natasha Wang

Jenyne Butterfly

Felix Cane


Brandon Pereyda

tissu performer

Oona Kivelä

Jenyne Mariposa

urban fitness

spider pose - Elizabeth Keyes Blanchard


Pole Dancer

Marlo Fisken

Marlo Fisken

Doubles Pole Dancing

pole fitness instructor

pole fitness instructor2

Beach Pole Fitness

Flag Pole

Pole Sunset


Super Moon

Pole Fitness Photography

Elizabeth at Sunset

Pole Fitness at Sunset


String Puppet Spiderwoman



Inversion Dance

Urban Aerial

Cheshire Cat

inversion dance studio

inversion dance ambassador

pole sit

Artistic Fitness Photo

Paragon 2014

Competitive Pole Fintess

Jordan Kensley

Gravity First


Pole Fitness Photography

inversion dance studio

inversion promo

Pole Tricks

Cheshire Cat

Back Bend

Made famous by popular performers such as Felix Cane and Brandon Pereyda (both of Cirque de Soleil fame) and international competitors Marlo Fisken and Jeneyne Butterfly, pole and aerial combines the science of fitness with the art of dance and performance. David has established a reputation for capturing these intricacies of the human form in each position using precise timing and accuracy. Pole fitness photography is as much of an art form as the sport itself. His pole fitness photography images have created a buzz in the industry. David has worked for OC Pole Fitness, Urban Aerial Fitness, Volaré Magazine, Inversion Dance Studio, Pole And Aerial, Kelly Yvonne Productions, and many private individuals. David has also photographed  performers such as Jordan Kensley and Tara Meyer in competition for such competitions as PARAGON and worked with workshop instructors such as Elizabeth Keyes Blanchard and Marlo Fisken.

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