Photo Retouching

Have a Photo that Needs Photo Retouching?

Do you have a photo you like taken by someone else that would be perfect except for that one small flaw? You look too sun burnt? You hate the telephone wires in it? There’s a color cast you don’t like? There’s a weird wrinkle in your shirt? Grandma blinked in the best one but looks perfect in the one where no one else is paying attention? David can fix it.

Remove the color cast, fix the wrinkle, get the red out of skin, open grandma’s eyes, remove the power lines. And be able to hang the photo on your wall and enjoy it.

Years of Training

David spent a few years working for the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages where he trained and worked as a master color correction and photo restoration specialist. and, with 20 years of photo retouching and color correction experience since then, he can make fast work of most retouching projects.

Samples of Photo Retouching

By browsing the portraits on this site you are seeing samples of David’s photo retouching without even realizing it. Most clients do not want him to post the before and after samples. But he can send them to you privately.

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