Photo Restoration

What is Photo Restoration?

Do you have an old photo that is torn, creased, discolored, even faded or water spotted? There is a strong possibility it can be restored to like-new condition. David can scan it and restore it, allowing you to make new prints for you and your family to continue to cherish it for decades to come. Remove the rip, the crease, restore the color and fix the fading like it never happened

Years of Training

David spent a few years working for the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages as a master color correction and photo restoration specialist. The techniques he learned have not been taught in years due to the digital age. He even invented a few techniques to take old, faded, seemingly useless photos and restore them to much improved condition for printing in customer advertising. He uses these techniques to fix your photographs.

Historical Success

One of the most difficult, yet also highly successful projects David worked on was a book called The Last Mission by Jim B Smith. A historical account of the last, but little talked about, mission of WWII. David was able to restore old WWII photographs to beautiful, much improved photos for printing in the book and on the cover. The original book has long since sold out and is now out of production.

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