Lifestyle Photography

What is Lifestyle Photography?

From fun to flirty all the way to the very serious. Lifestyle Photography is the creation of Images that portray real-life situations in any setting.




Lifestyle Photography

Golden Retriever

Bike Ride

Couple Riding Bike

Offroad Cyclist Lifestyle Photography

Pedego Lifestyle Photography

pedego electric bicycle


Mia Rosa Lifestyle



The Style of Life

Portrayal of every day people doing the activities they enjoy is the root of good lifestyle images. Generally used in editorial, magazine and newspaper articles, product catalogs, and marketing materials, they are used to tell a story and show people having fun with a product. Photos of them riding your bicycle, eating your food, making a drink with your spirits, relaxing on your patio, and deriving joy from it to promote your brand as the source of their happiness.

Diverse Clientele

David has done work for The Tasting Panel Magazine, Del Taco, Pedego Electric Bikes, Kinn Pet Care, and even individual models looking to build their portfolio.

Full Service

David has significant experience in planning and managing photo shoots down to the smallest details. He can locate and hire models and makeup artists (he works with several), procure locations and stylists, and even rent specialty equipment when needed.

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