Do you hate photos of yourself? (part 5)

We’ve addressed lighting and technology. However, something that everyone should know about having their photo taken and having it look good is that some of the responsibility rests on you when it comes to the typical family party situation.

One of the things that people are unaware of, and that a good professional photographer will be on top of, is your personal appearance and how you are posed.

This can run the gamut of everything from your hair, makeup, posture, how your clothes fall on your frame, and even something as simple as the sheen on your skin.

One of the things many women like to do is wear makeup that has gloss or sheen/sparkle to it. This may look great when you go out to dinner. Or at work. But remember, a photograph is a reflection of light. And, the more light reflected, the “hotter” that area will appear in relation to less reflective surfaces.

So, ladies, if you wear very glossy lip gloss or eyeliner with sparkle to it, you have what amounts to a shiny white spot on the photo your family member just took with that small flash we talked about earlier.

A tip would be to wear more matted makeup to a family party. And, always carry powder. Everyone, male or female, has oil in their skin. Be conscious of this and use some powder on your nose and forehead before the family photos.

Men, blot your face with a dry paper towel just before. This will help immensely.

As for posing, this is a little complicated. But here are some basic tips anyone can follow.

Everyone says a camera adds ten pounds. Take it back by standing slightly sideways to the camera (about  45 degrees), sucking in, raising your shoulders up and back (no, don’t shrug them), and sticking your chest out slightly.

This works whether you are sitting or standing.

Also, ladies, be aware that when you are sitting in a skirt with your legs crossed, your thighs will look bigger as they are pushed against each other. The same goes for arms. If you want to reduce the appearance of arm size, try to keep them away from your body just slightly.

And ladies, here’s a hint on clothing. Looser fitting clothing like a shawl or coat that hangs off your shoulders and chest, make you look larger in photos, not smaller in a large sweater. Wear a comfortably fitted garment and stand with good posture. If you have a slight tummy, no one really cares that much and just suck in a little.

And, always try to be looking slightly up. Even the thinnest people can appear to have a double chin if they are looking down.

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